How to charge @SPARK

What payment methods do we accept?


  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Ali Pay
  • Credit Card

Please scan the QR-Code located at the charing station. Each charging point has its own QR-Code.


We accept only german Girocards. Please place your Girocard in front of the RFID Reader until a message pops up on the display of the charging station. You will see the current price information. To start the charing process hold your Girocard again in front of the reader to accept the terms.


Spark is a member of the HUBJECT roaming platform. Currently you can charge with your smartphone app or RFID card if you have a contract with one of the following partners.

Comlete list of roaming partners:

  • BayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH
  • Bosch Charging Solutions GmbH
  • chargecloud GmbH
  • ChargePoint Austria GmbH
  • Compleo Charging Software GmbH
  • Diego Luxembourg S.A
  • Digital Charging Solutions GmbH
  • EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG
  • Eneco eMobility B.V.
  • EVDC Network
  • EWE Go GmbH (DE-EWE)
  • EWE Go GmbH (DE-WAY)
  • Go Electric Stations SRLS
  • Go To-U Inc.
  • GP JOULE Connect GmbH
  • Kuwait Petroleum (Belgium) N.V. (EMP)
  • KZY Marketplace Solutions GmbH
  • Liikennevirta Oy (EMP)
  • Maingau Energie GmbH
  • Mer Solutions GmbH
  • Muvext LDA
  • Octopus Energy Ltd
  • Porsche Sales & Marketplace GmbH
  • Route220 Srl
  • Shell EV Charging Solutions B.V.
  • Spirii ApS
  • Threeforce B.V. (EMP)
  • Trafineo GmbH & Co. KG
  • Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Germany)
  • Westfalen AG (EMP)
  • 800 Volt Technologies GmbH

How to start charging?

Easy step by step process to get you back on the road

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